FIND YOURSELF by uncovering your true worth and developing your intuition so that your decisions are guided by the life you desire.

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I help women find themselves and trust their intuition. 


Hello beautiful soul, Welcome!

If you have been feeling lost and yearning to find yourself...

If you have been feeling wonderful and want to trust your instincts more...

Transform yourself into a woman who values her needs, creates life balance, and trusts her inner knowing to guide her.

Through our transformative courses, intuitive coaching, and energy healing you will uncover your true worth, embrace your intuition, and align with your purpose. 

The Empowerment Oasis

Our online spaces are designed to be an oasis where you become the beautiful, connected, intuitive person you always knew you could be.

In this compassionate and calm space, self-love blossoms and the empowered woman within emerges.

Be nurtured into develop yourself and your intuition, reducing stress and overwhelm, and connecting with your higher self.


With heart and intuition,ūüĒģTara Leske

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Women are beautiful and powerful!

and often take many responsibilities; resulting in stress, overwhelm, and lack of self-care.

Women tend to 'lose themselves' over time and The Empowerment Oasis is here to bring them back to themselves!

Their dreams were set aside to take on other roles in their lives. Then, in their 30's they begin to notice this loss and realize that they need a change. They need to begin to prioritize themselves, yet:

  • Self-care is something they want but aren't consistent with because they don't know how to commit the time to themselves.
  • Hobbies and activities interest them, but they are worried¬†how others will think or react to them focusing on themselves.
  • Decision making is hard because they are used to putting others' needs first and no longer know exactly what they desire.

We are here to change the thought patterns, connect to higher self, and provide a nurturing space that supports a healthy, long-term, transformation to finding and fully trusting yourself.


Trust Your Decisions ~ Find Your Purpose ~ Live for Your Future Legacy

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